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Auto Start Panel

Auto Start / Shutdown Control Panel*** Analog Type
Allows the remote or local startup of an engine. The system protects the engine from loss of oil pressure and overheating. The base system uses pressure and temperature switches and does not require the use of electric pressure and temperature senders. Engine status is displayed via LEDs.

Standard Features

  • Closed, 3 piece, steel, powder coated enclosure
  • Similar size (9"x 8"x 4") to Murphy WDU style
  • Suitable for Diesel, Natural Gas or Gasoline fueled engines
  • Internal access via removable front panel face
  • 3 position toggle select mode start switch AUTO - OFF - LOCAL
  • System voltage 12 VDC (ask if 24 vdc is required)
  • Auto start module -- aluminum housing completely sealed requires compatible switches for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature & mag pick up for engine speed
  • LED indicators for engine status
  • Front mounted fuse holder
  • Internal wiring terminated at a 10 position terminal strip

Typical Upgrades

  • Electro mechanical high temperature indicating / shut down gauge (6ft capillary)
  • Electro mechanical low oil pressure indicating /shut down gauge 1/8 male npt connection
  • Electronic indicating / shut down gauges with compatible senders
  • Tachometer/hourmeter (input from Mag pick up)
  • LED indicator for glo plug operation
  • Pump up / down module
  • 3 rubber isolators
  • Throttle / cable
  • Wire harness
  • Others please ask

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