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Electronic Engine (J1939)

Electronic engine display / interface J1939

In a perfect world the ECU (engine control computer), start button, electronic throttle and on / off toggle switch are all that is required to make the engine function and protect itself.

The world is not perfect and things often go wrong. The ECU will slow down or shut down the engine when trouble is sensed.  You will not know why unless you can see what is going on inside the ECU.

The J1939 CAN  (common area network) capabilities supplied with the new "electronic engine" allow the operator to see what is happening within the computer controlled operating system of the engine.

Standard Features

Several devices are available that when mounted on a panel that includes a start button, electronic throttle and on / off toggle switch provides a local observation and control center for the engine.

  • We recommend the V3  VEECan 320 engine monitor because:
  • It supports most J1939 signals and fault messages
  • It is very water resistant front and back
  • It uses Deutz DT04-12 connectors
  • It has a 2.8" wide by 2.12" tall full color daylight viewable display
  • Small overall size 3.75"x 3.75" x 2.02" total depth
  • Screen displays 4 virtual gauges with moving pointer per screen display
  • Gauge Icon and measured value (in text) are shown on each gauge
  • All standard J1939 values and messages are supported
  • All standard J1939 values and messages are factory pre programmed

Other Options

  • Murphy Powerview
  • Faria MG2000
  • Individual stand alone 2" CAN vu gauges

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